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Getting started…

So, I’ve decided to start a blog. This is something I’ve thought about doing for some time, but I always dismissed the idea. It seemed to me that it was arrogant to think that anyone would be interested in my life. Who cares? I’ve never been much of a blog reader myself. And, if I want to spend time writing, I really ought to be working on my novel, or that short story I started and shelved four months ago…

But I’ve changed my mind, haven’t I? It’s all tied up with becoming part of Editide with J – a real, functioning business – and actually trying to do the freelance editing thing properly. I’ve had loads of work the past couple of months, so it’s going well. I even read a book about it – How to Succeed as a Freelancer in Publishing, by Emma Murray and Charlie Wilson – and the authors reckon a blog is a good thing, so here we are.

My plan is this: I’ll write a bit about editing (without mentioning specific books and clients, obviously), a bit about my own writing and then some stuff about what I’m reading, where I’ve been, what I’ve seen and what’s grabbed my interest lately. It’s a personal blog. All views are my own. If you want to comment, or get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.


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